MicroMacro Crime City: Full House is a great improvement on the original – Review

MicroMacro Crime City Full House Feature

Hide your kids and lock your doors, it’s time to return to Crime City. The only place in the world that requires you to get mugged as part of the Citizenship test. MicroMacro Crime City: Full House is both a mouthful and the sequel to the 2021 Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year MicroMacro Crime City.

Now, in case you’re new to the franchise: simply put, MicroMacro is Where’s Wally on steroids. However given how it plays out, it’s more like another powerful hallucinogen.

You see in Crime City, all timelines converge and happen at the same time. Meaning, you can see the same person several times on the map. However, for them, it will be a different time of day each in each instance that you see them. For instance, it might picture me brushing my teeth in the morning. Then, 25 cm away, there might also be a picture of me sitting down with my family for dinner.

If that sounds confusing; it is. At least to explain, however, when you see the map and you see someone move from one place to the next. It all makes sense. Add on top of this a bunch of crime and criminal activity, and you have MicroMacro Crime City: Full House.

You play an investigator given a case file filled with clues about places you need to find and people you need to follow. Through these clues, you’ll unravel a story of the crime from motive to suspect to victim.

All case files within MicroMacro Crime City: Full House take around 20 to 60 minutes to play and are stand-alone. You need not have played the original game to understand what’s going on, or to enjoy it.

MicroMacro Crime City: Full House box and several cases. Including: The philistine, Promoted to the afterlife, web of conspiracy, an everyday hero, crooked things, and who framed harry hawking.
Oh, she dead

What’s the difference in MicroMacro Crime City: Full House?

Outside of the new map and the 16 fresh cases for you to solve. The biggest change in MicroMacro Crime City: Full House is the need for sleuthing.

While the original primarily focused on getting you to follow a trail through time. It also gave you several chances to don your Deerstalker hat and make some logical connections. Giving you the feeling that you’re solving the case.

Yet this didn’t feel like the focus of the original game, at least not in the same way it is in the sequel. Almost every case you come across requires you to not only use your eyes but your brain as well. Suspects will be putting on masks, changing clothes, and even entering untraceable vehicles. It’s up to you to use the clues available to find out where they went.

This taps into that exciting feeling of a detective on the chase. You may have to revisit a previous location for clues, follow someone else related to the suspect, or just put two and two together.

A made-up example of this would be if you see the suspect sneezing and then disappear. That could prompt you to check the pharmacy to see if they were picking up medicine, or the tailor to see if they’re getting a brand new handkerchief.

Of course, the actual cases within the game are better thought out than that. Nonetheless, when you solve these puzzles you will shout A-ha! It’s a lot of fun and the majority of the cases in the box hit that right balance of being just difficult enough. So you will need to think, search, and A-ha! before you crack the case.

Otherwise, this sequel is the same MicroMacro Crime City that we’ve come to love. The comical artwork is, once again, fantastic and humorous. Not a single person in Crime City has a normal day. Equally fun is the hunting down of clues and people as they get into the wildest situations possible.

Yet, it’s the additional bit of deduction that elevated MicroMacro Crime City: Full House. While finding a person in Crime City was enjoyable in the original game. The way the sequel challenged my critical thinking was so much fun, that after the tutorial, the game didn’t leave my table until I completed the last case.

Designer: Johannes Sich

Publisher: Pegasus Spiele

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MicroMacro Crime City Full House
  • Return to Crime City, it still needs your help!
  • Put your eyes and your sleuthing skills to the test
  • An excellent improvement on the original MicroMacro

2 thoughts on “MicroMacro Crime City: Full House is a great improvement on the original – Review

  1. Dave, interesting review. I always meant to get MicroMacro the original, but never had time. I think my wife my actually enjoy it since she reads lots of mystery books, and we love whodunits on the telly. Thanks for the review!

    1. Your wife might also like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective which is a lot of reading, but more in line with that mystery book feel. MicroMacro is more casual and visual, and probably why I like it more.

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