About Me

Before you read about me, and only me. I want to take a moment to acknowledge and show respect for those who came before.

I acknowledge and pay my respects, to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past, present and emerging, whose land I stand upon today.

Now read on.

For six years I have been amassing and playing board games. Starting with Cranium, Munchkin, and Settlers of Catan. My collection, known as the destroyer of shelf space, is now over 150 games.

When I’m not board gaming, I’m living in Australia with my wife, son and Chester the corgi. My day job is a development manager at a software company. Part of the job is analysing the product for inconsistencies, and usability. Which is where I trained my eye for detail.

I’ve loved games ever since the Super Nintendo. Since then I’ve been playing as many games as I could. Nothing excites me more than good game design. A mesh of mechanics. Narrative structure. Art. Music.

This love culminated in me studying Games and Interactive Multimedia in university. And graduating with honours.

I love video games, but miss the on-couch experience. I needed something else to fill the social gap.

I swallow board game media like a sarlacc pit. However, I always have difficulty relating to what I find. I’m trying to fill that hole. By creating entertaining reviews, that go beyond the surface level question is it fun? To the deeper question why is it fun? While having a laugh a long the way.

What I would like from you, the person and/or dog reading this right now. Is to enjoy yourself. If you’re new to the site, here are a couple of my favourite reviews:

Use the Contact page to give feedback. Get your game reviewed. Pop in for a guest blog. Or just to chat.

Otherwise that’s it. You now know more about me. Stick around and enjoy the site, or at the very least enjoy this picture of me next to a Knight Who Say Ni cosplayer! Yes, he is holding a fish.

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