About Me

I love board games. Surprise!

For six years I have been collecting and playing board games starting with Cranium, Munchkin, and Settlers of Catan. My collection has blossomed into over 150 games and expansions. When I’m not gaming, I’m living in Australia with my wife, son and Chester the corgi. My day job is a software tester, which consists of analysing a product for inconsistencies, and usability.

I’ve loved games ever since we got our first console – a Super Nintendo. Since then I’ve had my hands on every gaming console, playing as many games as I could. Nothing excites me more than good game design; a mesh of mechanics, narrative structure, art, and music. This love culminated in me studying it in university, and graduating with a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Multimedia with honours. I love video games, but with the on-couch experience being tossed to the wayside in modern games, I needed something else to fill the social gap– enter board games.

Like most enthusiasts I swallow board game media like a sarlacc pit. Which is why I think, I have a unique voice in the area. I want to create entertaining reviews, that go beyond the surface level question is it fun? To the deeper question why is it fun? While having at least one laugh a long the way.

What I would like from you, the person and/or dog reading this right now, is to enjoy yourself. If you’re new to the site, here are a couple of my favourite reviews:

Otherwise feel free to use the Contact page to give feedback, get your game reviewed, guest blog, or say hi and tell me how handsome I am. You’ll find I’m more than happy to chat.

And that’s it. You now know more about me. Stick around and enjoy the site, or at the very least enjoy this picture of me next to a Knight Who Say Ni cosplayer! Yes, he is holding a fish, and yes, that is my nipple.

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