I acknowledge and pay my respects, to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past, present and emerging, whose land I stand upon today.

Since 2012 I’ve been playing and amassing board games. Starting with Cranium, Munchkin, and Settlers of Catan. My collection is now over 150 games. What started as an interest, has now become a full grown hobby, with me devouring more board game media than a weightlifter on cheat day.

But in all that media, I’ve struggled relating to what I find. It’s either not my taste, focuses on things that are uninteresting, or too enthusiastic and doesn’t provide enough critique.

I’m trying to fill that hole by creating entertaining reviews, that go beyond the surface level questions of how to play? Or are the components good? I want my reviews to answer the deeper question: what makes this game fun? The answer to this will give you a better understanding of whether the game is right for you.

When I’m not board gaming, or writing about board gaming, I’m living in Australia with my wife, son and Chester the corgi. My day job is working as a manger within a agile software organisation.

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P.S. Here’s a picture from the start of my journey at Supanova Brisbane. The fellow on my left is dressed as a Knight who says Ni from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Which was such an obscure reference I couldn’t help but take a picture with him!

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