Tips on Writing Board Game Reviews

This article strongly references my website, though I think it contains a few nuggets of gold for those interested in reviewing board games, or anything else.

When I started Roll to Review it was on the ambitious premise of fixing the three big issues that I saw within board game media:

  • Reviewers spending too much time describing how to play the game, and not enough actual feedback.
    • As a reader I didn’t want to know how to play the game, but whether it was good or not, and why.
  • Reviewers overstating the importance of components.
    • Components are a necessity and if they’re not terrible I’m fine with them. They should in all honesty be the least exciting part of a board game, so why does talking about them take up so much gosh darn space.
  • Reviewers are way too positive, with hardly anyone daring to give negative reviews.
    • This is great for building and creating a community, as there isn’t any interest in bad reviews. The problem is that it’s so widespread within board game media it makes it hard for me to trust reviewers’ opinions.

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