Back from the depths Lovecraft Letter

This blog isn’t Marvel. We know this because I’m flat broke, and it doesn’t take a year to get a sequel. A couple weeks ago I reviewed Love Letter, and this week I’m back in the expanded Love Letter universe to review Lovecraft Letter. Although there are many flavours of the original game, Lovecraft LetterContinue reading “Back from the depths Lovecraft Letter”

Village Pillage Review: Time to Turnip the Heat

It’s 2:00pm Friday, March 16th, 2018. I’m at my desk doing a business, when Janine from the front desk walks through the office with a large wooden crate. Danger, confidential, and top secret are printed in bold red font down the side. She puts it on my desk, complains about her back, and walks off.Continue reading “Village Pillage Review: Time to Turnip the Heat”

Why you shouldn’t play Exploding Kittens – and games you should play instead

I’m obviously a dog person, so the thought of blowing up some baby cats has some appeal. Combined with my affinity for Oatmeal’s artwork and humour, and my intense love for small box games, Exploding Kittens seemed right up my alley. However, this is a negative review, and I wanted to warn you ahead ofContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t play Exploding Kittens – and games you should play instead”

A review of the popular classic card game Munchkin

If you’ve been around board games for a while, or entered a store that sells board games, or consumed oxygen really, then you’ve probably brushed up against Munchkin. If your skin didn’t break out into blisters then it may be a sign that you’ll enjoy this game.