Why is Spirit Island the best board game ever?

Over 41,000 Aboriginals were killed in the colonization of Australia.

A sobering thought.

Spirit Island is a cooperative reverse colonisation game. You play spirits protecting or using the indigenous population to stop colonists from destroying the land. It’s a heavy subject. And while this review won’t hold this tone throughout, as that’s not what this site is about. It’s important to acknowledge what came before us. And understand that people today are still suffering from the actions of our forefathers. With that in mind:

I acknowledge and pay my respects, to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people past, present and emerging, whose land I stand upon today.

Alright. Let’s talk Spirit Island.

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Board Game News! – 23/10/18

Tidal blades box art. Two figures stand at edge of pier, behind them sunny skies, and island village.

We begin today’s news on a sad note: Paul Dean is leaving Shut Up and Sit Down. No one can deny the influence the guys at SUSD have had on board games and their reviewers, and Paul has been a huge part of that. So it’s sad to see him go, but with the best wishes from myself and the rest of the board game community I’m sure.

Moment of silence….

Now, time for games. This week there’s a slew of Kickstarter board games to get through, but before that we’ll look at some other news around the industry. Res Arcana is a new Tom Lehmann game. If you’re wondering why that sounds so weird, it’s because it’s not prefixed or suffixed by Race for the Galaxy. Tom has won me over with the way he designs engine building within that franchise, so I’m looking forward to what he can do with a new theme.

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