And Now For Something Completely Different

Writing a blog consistently is hard.

Writing a board game review blog is harder.

It takes X amount of games to get a feel for how it plays. And while I’m fully invested. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm. Meaning I don’t always get to play as much as I want or need to keep delivering content.

The next game I want to review is Dawn of the Peacemakers, I’m two games into the campaign. So far it’s great, but I definitely want to get more under the belt before I come to any conclusions.

So there’s that.

More personally, I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression issues recently. While shitty in general. This changes writing from something I love to do, to being a chore.

Which absolutely sucks.

Therefore, there’s no review this week.

However, I am trying to get the group together, so there’s hope for next week.

Sorry guys!

In the meantime, I went to Australia Zoo on the weekend. I had as good a time as I could, and saw lots of animals – and took lots of pictures. Enjoy.

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Board Game News! – 05/02/2019

I’m having a love-hate relationship with Kickstarter right now. I love that for the most part it’s become a board game pre-order shop. I hate it, because there’s too many games that look amazing!

More on that later

Let’s first talk about the new game from Stonemaier Games. Who don’t make many board games, but when they do – you pay attention. Wingspan is a medium weight, card based, engine building game about birds.

Bird with it's wings outstretched. Can't tell you what kind of bird it is. But it's pretty.

Which sounds silly, but it looks gorgeous. And early reviews say that Stonemaier’s impeccable record is still intact. It’s a game to get excited about for sure.

Except I can’t.

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Board Game News! – 20/11/2018

A bunch of grumpy looking men from the 1820s

Did you get to Essen? Or BGG con? After these two big exhibitions the board game news has all but dried up. Leaving this fortnight so quiet it’s like the night before Christmas – or is it too early to make Christmas related metaphors? Despite all that, I’ve done my digging and come up with more than enough excitement to see you through the week.

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Board Game News! – 06/11/2018

Reavers of Midgard box cover. Vikings, lot's of vikings.

This week marks my 1st full year as a board game blogger, and the existence of Roll to Review. It’s been an exciting journey, both in my real life, and in my writing on this blog. Like most I’ve had my doubts on continuing at points, especially when work picked up, but I kept on going because I enjoy writing, and enjoy reviewing, and enjoy the support this community has given me. Here’s to another year of WordPress subscription, and Roll to Review.

Cutest corgi you've ever seen


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