Birthday Board Game Bohnanza (there was no Bohnanza)

I’m going to be honest. It’s Wednesday night, and I haven’t finished my review. I’m about half-way through. And I’m hating whatever I’m writing so far. Therefore, instead of pushing some half-baked crap out, you get this word vomit instead. Enjoy!

My birthday has come and gone. And this year it was the most INSANE, the most CRAZY, the most RIDICULOUS board game birthday yet. Everyone bought me board games, or board game related stuff. I was not expecting it, and I’m super grateful for my friends and family as they went above and beyond what any sane group of people should have done.

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Marie Kondo Destroys My Board Game Collection!

First up – I’m sick again. I got an ear infection on Friday, meaning I’ve barely left my bed since. Thanks to modern medicine, and some horrible tasting pills. I’m back on the road to recovery.

It feels great to be human again.

Unfortunately, this means no review again this week.

I will get to that Dawn of the Peacemakers review!

In the meantime… I’m doing a board game clear out.

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And the award for best thematic board game goes to…

In university, I took Marketing 101 as an elective. I enjoyed the subject, but I enjoyed the girls more. Which sounds incredibly chauvinistic. And is. But after four years into my IT degree, it was like an oasis in an otherwise barren landscape.

One of the first things we learnt in the course was cars. And the difference between how they’re valued. You have your mass market cars: cheap to make, cheap to buy, and the idea is that they sell as many as possible with a small margin. Then you have your exclusive cars: they’re more expensive to make, and the margin is a lot higher. Meaning you don’t have to create or sell as many. Because of this you’re no longer buying a car but an experience of exclusivity; a status symbol.

Ridiculous right? What vapid person would buy something based purely on exclusivity?

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