#1 Back to the Future: Cockroachs, Minions and Munchkins

I started this blog 4 years ago, and since then I’ve played a couple hundred more board games. Have my feelings towards the games I’ve played changed? And where do they sit in The List? Today we’ll be going right back and ranking the first games I reviewed for the site: Cockroach Poker Munchkin PowerContinue reading “#1 Back to the Future: Cockroachs, Minions and Munchkins”

April Game Haul – It’s a Doozy

For those who’ve been following, in the last couple months I received a large promotion from worker to manager. This has come with a lot more responsibility, and has changed how I work, and how I think about work. I put a lot of time and emotional investment into my team, and their career path.Continue reading “April Game Haul – It’s a Doozy”

March In Review

March saw most of my board game budget (and then some) go into Kickstarter. Backed titles include: Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, Werewords Deluxe, Space Park, Deadwood 1876, AuZtralia, and currently Fireball Island, and Dinosaur Island games. It seems crazy,  but in my defence a couple of these I just dropped a dollar on them, and theContinue reading “March In Review”

February News Dump

Time Marches on. February for me, was quite successful. I got a major promotion at work, and my son learnt to roll over. Thankfully, one of us is pulling their weight. In terms of the website, we now have a new navigation menu which I hope you’ve already used, and enjoyed. That’s it! Let’s talkContinue reading “February News Dump”

Looking Back at November

My first news – how exciting! In this post you’ll find the latest news concerning Roll to Review, the new board games I’ve bought over the last month, as well as new games I’m excited for coming out soon. Let us know what you think of this type of post and if it should becomeContinue reading “Looking Back at November”