On the Chopping Block: Click Clack Lumberjack

I’ve hit the point that every board game collector, and hoarder, hits where their collection outgrows their space. Therefore, I’m introducing a new type of review called On the Chopping Block – inspired by Click Clack Lumberjack – where I look at games that will be sold off. These aren’t necessarily bad games, but gamesContinue reading “On the Chopping Block: Click Clack Lumberjack”

Test your dexterity in Vampires Vs. Unicorns: Floor War

One of the reasons I love board games is how diverse they are. Already on this blog we’ve reviewed a board game which has you picking up sticks in Go Cuckoo, a tight-knit two player game where you’re wheeling and dealing with geishas in Hanamikoji, and a story driven game about being trapped on aContinue reading “Test your dexterity in Vampires Vs. Unicorns: Floor War”

Go Cuckoo is a golden egg

When I first heard of Go Cuckoo I thought it was Twister with sticks, and was wondering where the sexual tension would come from. To my surprise it’s more like Pick Up Sticks with sticks. I’m doing a horrible job at selling this, so just read my review – it can only go up fromContinue reading “Go Cuckoo is a golden egg”