When I Dream Review

Am I the only one who finds the ‘party games’ nomenclature weird? I was brought up on Hollywood’s definition of party meaning: loud music, pookah shell necklaces, dancing, drugs, that one dude yelling ‘Party’, alcohol, and more recently, sexual harassment. Nowhere in that idea is someone lugging around a 12-player party pack of Telestrations, askingContinue reading “When I Dream Review”

Looking Back at November

My first news – how exciting! In this post you’ll find the latest news concerning Roll to Review, the new board games I’ve bought over the last month, as well as new games I’m excited for coming out soon. Let us know what you think of this type of post and if it should becomeContinue reading “Looking Back at November”

Hanamikoji Review

Two years ago, I went to Japan. It’s an amazing place, but perhaps the greatest thing about the country is the food. Every restaurant we went to was fantastic. Which is why I have a problem with Hanamikoji. I’m meant to be the owner of a Japanese restaurant, but throughout our trip, nowhere did weContinue reading “Hanamikoji Review”

Go Cuckoo Review

When I first heard of Go Cuckoo I thought it was Twister with sticks, and was wondering where the sexual tension would come from. To my surprise it’s more like Pick Up Sticks with sticks. I’m doing a horrible job at selling this, so just read my review – it can only go up fromContinue reading “Go Cuckoo Review”