Another Late Post

Hey guys,

First off, I want to say thanks for checking out, and participating in my blog. It’s been up and running for 6 months now, providing near weekly reviews of some of the best and well, not so best board games on the market.

If you’ve been following recently, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve gotten a bit slack with the Friday posts. This post is to say – that’s probably going to continue. The main reason for this is just work pressure, and stress. While I love writing for this blog, it does produce additional stress given my self-imposed deadlines. Going forward the Friday post may not always be on Friday, or written at all.

However, I will still continue to write reviews! It’s what I love most about this site, and a great reason to continue to add to my already bloated board game collection.

Thanks again for reading my blog, I’ll see you on Tuesday.




Board Game Bloggers to Sink Your Teeth Into

The more I blog, the more I sway away from the bigger board game sites. Not that they’re bad, it’s just that there are so many people out there making fantastic board gaming content, and better suited to my tastes. There are going to be a few familiar faces here, but enjoy the fruits of my internet browsing!

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