Power Grid Review


By all rights this game should be boring. To describe it sounds like work, to play it feels like work. And yet somewhere in between the magic happens, and you have a lot of fun. Let’s have a look.

Power Grid plays 2-6 players, where players assume the roles of entrepreneurs each creating a start-up within their home state.  However, like Newton and Leibniz everyone happened upon the same idea at the same time; supplying power to the people.

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Munchkin Review


If you’ve been around board games for a while, or entered a store that sells board games, or consumed oxygen really, then you’ve probably brushed up against Munchkin. If your skin didn’t break out into blisters then it may be a sign that you’ll enjoy this game.

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Cockroach Poker Review


This is going to be a good review.

Do you believe me?

Today I read an article about Facebook’s 51 different gender options. I quickly browsed the list and was devastated to find that there wasn’t a gender for loving small box board games. Terrible news! Because I love board games with a decent player count, light on the rules and small enough to fit into my bag so I can take it to work.

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