6 Board Games I Would Swipe Right On

You’re not a true reviewer until you make a list. People love lists. Would Schindler’s List have won an Oscar if there wasn’t a list involved? Who’s to say? The question is, what is this list about?

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Dixit: it’s worth it for the art


Hope you guys are all enjoying Roll to Review’s Month of Critical Hits, this is the second last review of the event and it’s the party game classic: Dixit. If you have trouble pronouncing the name just imagine owning a dog named Richard. I told my wife that joke, and she looked at me like I belonged in an insane asylum. It was a nice change from her usual I can’t wait until you’re in an insane asylum look.

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Suburbia: Two Expansions and a Corgi

On Tuesday I reviewed Suburbia, a fantastic tile laying city building game, however, I didn’t get around to writing about the expansions. Writing reviews for games is a leisurely stroll through a new area, lots to look at and enjoy. Writing reviews for expansions is like retreading the same path, no need to absorb it all, but need to get it done for the exercise. Therefore, if you’re expecting something massive, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what I said to my wife the first time we met.

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Build your dream home, and surrounding Suburbia


Suburbia is the second of four board games to feature in Roll to Review’s Critical Hit January, so let’s get the verdict out of the way. Suburbia is great, and I highly recommend it. That’s my opinion, but be aware it’s more biased than usual. I have an affinity for these types of build and manage games. In the two and a half months since my wife gave birth, I’ve spent exactly thirteen hours playing video games. That’s wrong. I’ve spent thirteen hours playing a single video game: Planet Coaster. Keep this in the back of your mind as you read, and remember, never have kids.

Suburbia is a 2-4 player tile laying game from Ted Alspach, and published by Bezier Games. The game takes place in a dystopian future where the producer of ‘The Block’ was elected president of the United States. Now, death row inmates battle for their lives trying to create the most liveable towns. At the end of the game the prisoner whose town has the highest population receives a presidential pardon, while the losers face off with the chair. Who am I kidding? It’s a city building game. You lay tiles down and build a city; that’s it.

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Four Games to get Excited About

I was going through my collection the other day, and the reviews already up here on my website, and realized that I have a very strong persuasion to light games. Makes sense. I prefer games that I can put on the table and everyone has a good time. The downside to this is that it leaves a hole in my collection: medium weight games. Here are four medium weight games, that I’m extremely excited about:

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Get old school cheesy with Campy Creatures


Ever since the Cold War, business has been bad for mad scientists. They can no longer afford the good monsters. Instead they need to retreat to the discount shop, where the monsters are off-brand and half price, and a salesman follows them around the store. How do you do today? Just browsing? No, sorry, we don’t have the Creature from the Black Lagoon, is Swamp Creature OK? It’s more affordable and works in any coloured body of water. Dracula? Last one was sold this morning. A well written review on Campy Creatures? We don’t sell that here, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Campy Creatures is a 2-5 player role selection game designed by Mattox Schuler, and published by Keymaster Games. The game is played by a group of mad scientists sending their minions to capture as many mortals as possible. Only the strongest monsters get the blood of the innocent, while the weak are chased away with a variety of pointy things. Then stuff happens, and the best scientist is the one with the highest score after three rounds – this is the same selection criteria used for the Nobel Prize, or at least should be.

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Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island Review


Otters can go to hell. These little bastards ruined not one, but two games of Robinson Crusoe for me. That sentence, and the knowledge that this board game comes with a forty page plus manual, should be enough to determine whether you want to continue reading this review.

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The Christmas Special

Christmasopoly01The advertised perfect Christmas isn’t something we get in Australia. No snow, inhabitable climate for reindeer, and Australians generally don’t put effort into any holiday – except for Australia Day, when we drink beer, put snags on the barbie and watch the cricket. With that in mind, I’ll be reviewing Christmas-opoly.

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I don’t who you are but I need you to Get Adler!


You’ve got to wonder what it’s like to be a designer asking a reviewer to check out your game. It’s like in ancient times where the Vikings would sacrifice a lamb to the gods. Did I just compare myself to god? Look at the ego on this guy, after one person asks me to review their game, I act like I’m a doctor. If you didn’t get that, it’s because you’ve never heard the joke: what’s the difference between a god and a doctor? The god doesn’t walk around thinking he’s a doctor. Anyway, this is my round-a-bout way of providing a disclaimer that Get Adler! was provided for free.

Get Adler! is a 4-6 player deduction game, designed by Randall Thompson. It’s set in the golden age of villainy – 1930’s Britain. With Sherlock Holmes dead, twice, and James Bond not yet born, villains were running amok. A rogue MI6 agent named Adler – and probable grandson of Irene Adler – being just one of them.

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