Argent the Consortium Teaches You A Valuable Lesson About Worker Placement

The bell rings. It’s time for another school day. Or is it? Argent the Consortium is a game about becoming the next headmaster.

Are you up for the challenge?

Raiders of the North Sea – A board game to play before Ragnarok!

Not so long ago there were two schools of design within board games. On one hand, the uninteresting theme, no luck, all strategy games that came primarily from Germany – called Euro games or Euros. On the other hand, we had American style games where it was all randomness all the time, extremely high playerContinue reading “Raiders of the North Sea – A board game to play before Ragnarok!”

Jump Drive Review: Start Your Engines!

Given the Commonwealth Games are 100km away, you’d forgive me for mistaking Jump Drive for a board game about the determination and drive required to become a professional long jumper. Instead, what I found was a baby board game; essentially My First Race for the Galaxy. A 20 minute engine builder for 2-4 players, designedContinue reading “Jump Drive Review: Start Your Engines!”