Dune: Imperium lives up to the hype!

When I reviewed Paul Dennen’s previous game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure my overall feel was that it was good, but it was missing that something that makes a board game great. Well, since then, it seems Paul found what was missing and then some!

In a firefight of wits don’t get caught in the Crossfire

For a while there, it seemed like there was race to make the simplest, most stream lined version of a social deduction game. With One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Secret Hitler and One Night Resistance coming out all within a couple of years. Crossfire was a late entrant into the race, but how did it fair?

Is Dinosaur Island a roar, or a whimper?

In my head, Dinosaur Island was a turning point for the board game industry. Specifically in regards to premium components. Before Dinosaur Island, we were happy when we got animeeples for Agricola what a step up in terms of immersion. Then Dinosaur Island came along and went all out, have a million and one plasticContinue reading “Is Dinosaur Island a roar, or a whimper?”

The fight for the forest has begun in Root

Being on board since the first Kickstarter I received Root in 2018. I loved the artwork, and the idea of animals fighting to rule the forest. However, I didn’t get to play it until 2020. Part of that is me being lazy, but a bigger part is me being terrified of the teaching this asymmetricalContinue reading “The fight for the forest has begun in Root”

Concordia is the board game to play if you want to have mid-life crisis

Instead of David vs Goliath, today you’re reading David taking on a goliath. That is the game of Concordia. A game that gets praise from a lot of reviewers. Often touted as one of the best games of all time. So let’s see how it fares against my slingshot and sandals.

Board games to look out for in 2021 – Retail Edition

Today, we’re looking at the board games coming to retail that I’m personally interested in. There is a Kickstarter version already so today we’re looking at games that you can pick up, or pre-order from your favourite local game store. But before I begin, let me stress, these are not games I’m necessarily going toContinue reading “Board games to look out for in 2021 – Retail Edition”

Board games to look out for in 2021 – Kickstarter Edition

The best time to write a most anticipated board game list for 2021 was at the start of the year, the second best time is today. So let’s get into it and discuss all the upcoming board games I’m personally looking forward to.

Why you shouldn’t go all in on Everdell?

Am I a pregnant? Because I am LATE! At the time of writing, the Kickstarter for Everdell has 56 hours left on it. If you’re on the fence, this is the review to read! The all In pledge of 200 USD includes the base game, and 5 expansions it seems like a great deal. Doesn’tContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t go all in on Everdell?”