Looking Back #5: Underground Muse Pillages 7 Tiles

It’s time to go back and look at five of the games I reviewed three years ago and add them to The List. Here you can visit the original reviews, find out if I’ve kept or culled them, and what I think of the games in 2021.

This week we’re ranking: Village Pillage, Red 7, Muse, Azul, and Sub Terra

#5 Sub Terra

Original Review

I’ve yet to play a board game that’s made me feel so horrified as I was playing Sub Terra. And I’ve played and reviewed Horrified! The feeling of encroaching dread as the Horrors get ever closer is phenomenal. However, when I think about the rest of the game I feel blasé at best. It’s just point to point movement without too much else to manage and control.

Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge is coming out soon, and judging from the early commentary on Board Game Geek it seems like they’ve fixed a lot of the issues with the original game. But lost some of the dread in the process. Would be very interested in having a look whenever it hits retail.

Initial Ranking: 32

Kept or Culled: Culled

Sub Terra board mid way through the game, there's one horror very close to a green adventurer.
Who knew big black ovals could be so scary!

#4 Village Pillage

Original Review

I have a soft spot for this game. It’s the first game that a prototype was given to me for review, and more importantly, the first given game that I enjoyed enough to give it a good rating. I still think it’s a great game of bluffing, and hand building. But since it arrived from Kickstarter it hasn’t come out as much as I hoped it would. I think that’s less an indication of its quality, and more that it’s in the same genre as some of my favourites: Cockroach Poker, and Welcome to the Dungeon.

Even still, because of this post, I’m interested in cracking it out and having a game with the boys. Will update this paragraph when I’ve done so, as I think that will influence my ranking.

Initial Ranking: 30

Kept or Culled: Kept

#3 Muse

Original Review

Muse was a very easy game to rank. I put it just behind Dixit.

Even though I’ve sold it, at the time I wrote my review Muse was essentially my travel version of Dixit. Small footprint; big entertainment. Unfortunately, as I said in my review, I found Muse to be the drier game of the two, as it was less about ridiculous clues, and more about clues that fit ridiculous topics. It’s a subtle shift that made the game less interesting for me.

As my tastes changed towards more thinky small box games and less creative ones. I found myself bringing Muse less and less. While I still enjoyed the game, if I’m not wanting to pull a game off the shelf – that’s a good indicator it’s time to move on.

Initial Ranking: 24

Kept or Culled: Culled

More of the card art, and the rules of Muse.
Still in awe of the artwork

#2 Red 7

Original Review

Red 7 is still one of my go to bag games. It’s simple, it’s quick, it’s got a bit of luck, but most importantly it’s great for twisting and turning your brain. If you play without the advanced rules it can be brought out for anyone. If you play with the advance rules it ups the difficulty of finding the right move, but feels less luck dependent, and victory feels more in your hands.

Still one of the best small box games in my collection.

Initial Ranking: 12

Kept or Culled: Kept

A hand of coloured cards from Red7, rules down both sides, with a big number in the middle.
Simple, but brilliant!

#1 Azul

Original Review

Another winner!

Azul is still as good as ever. A tight two player pattern matching and drafting game, or a more chaotic four player game. Either way it’s a blast. I’ve had the opportunity to bring it out many times since the review due to its simple rule set and wide and colourful but appealing design. Each time impressing the people I’ve played with, while keeping me engaged throughout.

I’ve yet to try either of the two stand alone expansions: Azul: Summer Pavilion, and Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra. If you have some experience with either I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Initial Ranking: 7

Kept or Culled: Kept

A player board mid game, on the left shows what tiles have been picked this round, on the right it shows completed tiles from previous rounds.
Too many light blues!

That’s 51! A half century of board games reviewed, and on The List. This is a pretty big milestone, and I’m chuffed. This would not have happened without everyone’s interest in it, seeing people come in and check it out has been fantastic, and I’m glad to give back to the board gaming community.

So thanks for coming back and reading Roll to Review!

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

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