Board Game News! – 14/06/2019

You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

Well it’s been a busy week at work. The only thing that’s been busier is board game news!

Starting with Lands of Galyzer. A new game from designer Sami Laakso and Snowdale Design. Sami also developed the ever so great Dale of Merchants, and Dawn of the Peacemakers. Both designs were really unusual, and at the same time exciting. So I can’t wait to see what Sami did with this next game.

I’m also loving these meeples!

Pure speculation tells me that there’s going to be die rolling, and a story book. Given that world building was one of the strengths of Dawn of the Peacemakers. I’m counting down the days.

But that’s a 2020 title.

In the meantime, it’s finally been announced that Arkham Horror 3rd Edition is getting an expansion: Dead of Night. This one looks to fill out the encounter decks, add a couple of new characters, two more branching scenarios. And a few other goodies. All in all, I really need to get back to playing the base game. As it’s perhaps my favourite story driven game I’ve played.


On the topic of story driven games, a new one has been announced by Plaid Hat Games: Aftermath. This follows their previous games Stuffed Fables, and Comanauts which also include a story book. However, the theme looks to be a cross between Mice & Mystics, and Dead of Winter, whereby humans are gone, and animals are left to scavenge the wilderness.

So far it’s got everything it needs to be a success. Let’s hope it sticks the landing.

Dead of Winter Mouse – Cute, but deadly.

Cities: Skylines is the Sim City game everyone wanted Sim City 2013 to be. Or at least that’s what I’m told through Steam reviews. Either way only the former of these games is getting a board game make over.

My mind immediately jumped to Suburbia – a game I love. However, while still being tile laying. Cities is going to be a cooperative game. Where you and your friends try and keep the population in check.

Given the high bar of great cooperative games recently, I’m pretty sceptical about this game. Though I really hope it’s good. I need another city builder in my life.

The last bit of news before we head over to Kickstarter is a picture. But it’s one heck of a picture!

We’re going back to Mars, baby!!

June has already been packed full of big board game releases. Or more accurately re-releases.

With only 30 hours to go. Time is running out for the latest add-on for Too Many Bones. Described as an RPG in a box. And dice, lots of dice. What’s more interesting for me is that this is the first time Chip Theory Games is going to be offering somewhat reasonable shipping to Australia. They’re also offering their entire back catalogue.

Another re-release is the second season of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. This time they’ve chosen to go a la carte on the minis. Which is causing a lot of grumbling. The general Reddit consensus is to stick with the Season 1 Core box if you’re interested in getting it.

Altar Quest is created by the designers of Street Masters and Brook City and comes with it’s own acronym: MDS. Which stands for modular deck system. What that means is beyond me, but people love those previous games. And this one is ticking all the HeroQuest nostalgia boxes. So while I’m not too interested… Others might be?

In the meantime, I’ve been learning the rules for both Escape Plan and CO2: Second Chance. Feels like my head is in a vice! I’ve enjoyed learning both games so far. Looking forward to tricking my wife into playing them.

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

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