Birthday Board Game Bohnanza (there was no Bohnanza)

I’m going to be honest. It’s Wednesday night, and I haven’t finished my review. I’m about half-way through. And I’m hating whatever I’m writing so far. Therefore, instead of pushing some half-baked crap out, you get this word vomit instead. Enjoy!

My birthday has come and gone. And this year it was the most INSANE, the most CRAZY, the most RIDICULOUS board game birthday yet. Everyone bought me board games, or board game related stuff. I was not expecting it, and I’m super grateful for my friends and family as they went above and beyond what any sane group of people should have done.

Disclaimer: This is an egregious amount of board games. Do not buy this many games at once, but instead live vicariously through this post.

Just a few games…

Out of all the games here, CO2 Second Chance is the one I bought with my own money. I love the theme, the premise, the colour, and the couple of run-throughs I saw of it. I have had my eye on the game since the first version. When the second version came out, I had my other eye on it. So far, I’ve opened it. Looked at the contents. Seen the rulebook. And then put everything back in the box for another day.

It’s my first Vital Lacerda game, and I can’t wait to get into it.

The other most exciting game here – for me – is Pandemic: Fall of Rome. I now own Pandemic, On the Brink, In the Lab, and two other of the Survival Series. So far, Pandemic: Iberia owns the crown with its railroad mechanic that makes the game oh so satisfying. However, I’ve heard Fall of Rome is better than that. Sooner or later I’ll be the judge of that.

Along with Pandemic, my family also bought me a couple of games I’ve been after for at least a year. Shadows Amsterdam, Mottainai, and Raptor.

Shadows Amsterdam is a new game from Libellund, which is a cocktail; 2 parts Dixit, 3 parts Codenames. I’ve played this cooperatively with my wife so far. We won on the easiest setting, but it’s silly what a clock does to your mental game. I’m a little disappointed with how flimsy the main board is, but the gameplay so far has been great. Playing this with more people should be a hoot.

Shadows Amsterdam. One player is trying to lead their team to three black squares, while avoiding the crosses.

Mottainai is the first game of the lot I cracked open. It’s a small game, how hard could it be to pick up and play? Very hard, as it turns out. There’s a lot going on, and the terminology doesn’t make matters easier. But it’s a heck of a game, that will send you into the think tank and lock the door. Hoping my wife will want to play given the placid theme.

As soon as I heard the description for Raptor, I knew it was going to be in my collection. An asymmetrical game where one player plays as a raptor mother protecting her eggs, and the other player a raptor hunter. I’ve yet to break the seal on this on.

The next four games were part of a $250 dollar voucher given to me by my friends, and board game group. I can’t begin to describe how crazy that is. However, the voucher was at Mind Games – an overpriced board game franchise in Australia. So, the money didn’t go as far as it should have. Never-the-less I’m eternally grateful for the gift and picked up some games I’ve been after for a while.

Namely, Viticulture Essential Edition.

My buy patterns are very heavily influenced by what I play and what I like. Having finally cracked out Scythe. Which as it turns out – is very good. I have sought out some other Stonemaier Games, with Viticulture beingthe highest recommended out of the ones remaining.

6 Takes, or 6 Nimmit, is a quick fun party game I’ve been wanting for a long time. Not desperately wanting mind you, just every now and again I’d go: that 6 Nimmit game looks pretty good. It’s been around since 1994 so there must be something to it. Right?

I bought Dice Forge to counteract the large amount of heavy games I’ve been getting. Nothing like a nice light dice chucker/engine builder. Having gone through the rules it seems very similar to Space Base. I’ve yet to get it to the table though, so that may just change everything.

This insert flexes on all other inserts.

In a similar vein to lighten up my collection, the last game I got was Evolution. I was umming and ahhing for 45 minutes in Mind Games thinking of what game to buy. I had 50 dollars left over and given the effort on both the clerk having to create another gift certificate, and for me having to drive into the city (and pay $10 for parking). Neither one of us wanted me to leave the store with any money remaining.

This led to her asking me a bunch of questions about board games I’ve played, and me being incredibly introverted, and weird about it. It got worse when none of the games on my wish list were on the shelves. And she started listing games off. I freaked and made a snap decision, as I remembered an AMA done by the designers of Evolution – and they seem like cool guys.

However, in hindsight, I think I should have gotten Sheriff of Nottingham or Sagrada.

Anyway, this game is about creating a new species of animal and building it up with different traits such as body size, and population. Kind of like that old PC game Impossible Creatures. I’m nervous about trying it simply because it was an impulse decision.

Now if that wasn’t enough, the days before my birthday I was also blessed.

You know a game is good when it comes in two boxes.

Firstly, my preordered copy of Wingspan arrived. Which I managed to unwrap and play already. It’s a solid mid to light engine builder, which plays quickly and is about birds. There’s more than a lot of drama and demand surrounding this game. And I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Purely because they’re expecting another Scythe or Viticulture. Which this game is not. But it’s good, and I’m thinking it’s good enough to edge The Bloody Inn right out of my collection.

Lastly, the elephant in the room: Batman Gotham City Chronicles. I honestly don’t know when I’m going to be able to play this game. Its 54-page rulebook is daunting to look at; let alone read. Though I have gawked a lot at the miniatures so far, and I’m happy from that standpoint.

And that’s everything. Is what I want to say, but I just received an email that my Escape Plan Kickstarter is arriving tomorrow, with Lisboa attached.

I’m going to be reading rules for a loooooong time coming.



David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Board Game Bohnanza (there was no Bohnanza)

  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    Looks like a good haul.

    Dice Forge is a very cool game. Not a huge similarity to Space Base, though. Have you played it since this post?


  2. Dave, happy birthday — that is almost a mind-numbing number of amazing games! You will now have 3 Lacerda games — you are making me jealous! Please do a review of Escape Plan because that is one of his I’m still debating on. I’m waiting patiently for On Mars. Lisboa is a masterpiece, so I hope you enjoy all of them. Have a great coming year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers mate! Yeah I’ve gone from none to 3 Lacerdas. I’m really excited to crack em open, but I need to block out a couple of hours to read them rulebooks!

      I also took the leap of faith on On Mars. It just looked too good.


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