Board Game News! – 25/04/2019

This fortnight CMON dominates both the regular and Kickstarter news. But if you’re not into carrying around suitcases of minis, there’s plenty of other surprises to look forward to.

Have you played the 2018 version of God of War?

It was excellent. The story was engaging and well told. The combat was ferocious and fun. I can’t wait for the sequel.

In the meantime, how about a card game?

CMON has announced a 1-4 player God of War card game due out in Q3 of this year. The game has the players face their toughest foe yet: Ragnarok. And while it’s not mentioned whether this is co-op or not, there does seem to be some interesting mechanics attached

God of War The Card Game Box Cover
BOY! Look at this board game.

In June, Seiji Kanai’s Love Letter is getting another makeover from Z-man Games. This time they’re adding six more cards. Where the Deluxe edition played up to eight, this one will only allow for six players. With new artwork, and new mechanics it might be time to update my review.

One of the designers behind Betrayal at House on the Hill has spent the last two years working on a title with a similar betrayal mechanism. Hyde Society has artwork reminiscent of the film Coraline. Given how well Betrayal does at drawing you into the world of haunted houses. This is one board game to keep your eyes on.

Hyde Society Board Game Box Cover
And this is why I never trust cats.

On Kickstarter, CMON has started their campaign for Bloodborne the Board Game. It’s a skirmish based rogue-like miniature game. Also known as a full row in buzzword bingo. The miniatures look amazing – as you’d expect – and the gameplay seems to closely represent the digital game. The only questions remaining are how well will it translate? And Australian shipping? 20-45 USD that range is scary!

Just when you thought Terraforming Mars couldn’t have any more expansions. They go ahead and create a new Kickstarter expansion. Turmoil. The concept of this expansion is a new political board which allows you to jostle for position, and gain benefits. It also introduces global events and is considered the most gamer focused expansion yet.

Forget all that though.

As part of this Kickstarter they’re offering dual layered cardboard player boards. This is something that everyone has cried for since the release of the game. So it’s great that they’re finally being introduced.

Keeping with the Mars theme. Vital Lacerda’s new game has landed. On Mars sees players shuttling between an off-world satellite station, and the planet, to get resources for their colonisation. It’s considered to be heavy – even by Vital’s standards – so be sure to watch some gameplay before making the leap.

Lastly, if you’re into digital board gaming. Check out this sweet deal on Humble Bundle. Highlights include Mysterium, Scythe, Twilight Struggle, and Love Letter.

On the website front, as you saw on Monday, I want to start doing more informal posts where I talk about thoughts on board gaming. However, I need to think about timing and scheduling as doing one thing impacts others. So if you’re interested in that be sure to subscribe.

Otherwise, this week has been huge for me. I’ve been on leave all week, which meant I finally had time to crack open and learn some games from my pile of shame. Scythe, Dinosaur Island, and Millennium Blades to name a few.

Let me say I wish I hadn’t of waited so long. These games are good, if not amazing. Hoping I get time to review them all as soon as possible.


David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

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