Marie Kondo Destroys My Board Game Collection!

First up – I’m sick again. I got an ear infection on Friday, meaning I’ve barely left my bed since. Thanks to modern medicine, and some horrible tasting pills. I’m back on the road to recovery.

It feels great to be human again.

Unfortunately, this means no review again this week.

I will get to that Dawn of the Peacemakers review!

In the meantime… I’m doing a board game clear out.

Inspired by Marie Kondo, running out of shelf space, and the too many Kickstarters headed my way. I’ve decided to get rid of a lot games. Some good, some not so much, some I enjoyed, and some which will never see play again.

Before the naming and shaming, I have some good news. I’ve played a game recently that I’m adding to Dave’s GOATs. Which previously consisted of three games: Spirit Island, Terraforming Mars, Arkham Horror 3e.

The new addition.

The fourth.


Argent: The Consortium.

Corgi laying next to the board game Argent the Consortium
Damn this dog is cute!

I played it for the first time the other day. Absolutely brilliant. So many clever mechanics. It’s also the first worker placement game that’s lived up to my idea of worker placement. I’ll save the rest of my analysis for a review further down the road. But it’s damn good.

Alright, let’s talk about what’s going out.

The Fox in the Forest

This was my first trick taking game, outside of games of hearts on the PC. Where I never learned how to play but still enjoyed the pretty animations.

Fox in the Forest gets a lot of credit for being the first popular 2-player trick taking game. Which is fair enough, but for me the trick taking is too simple – and that’s kind of the point. Fox in the Forest is about the metagame. You can’t really shape this until halfway through the round though. When you know what your opponent is doing. Meaning you waste too much time posturing, and not enough time making moves that feel meaningful. For me that’s a deal breaker.

Pit Crew

Lot’s of cool mechanics and thought went into this little game. We played it once with friends who weren’t up for it. Meaning it’s already on scorched earth.

It’s also a numbers game.

You’re doing a lot of addition and subtraction against the clock. Something I’ve learnt is that I don’t mind doing maths as part of my games, but I don’t want maths to be the game. Therefore, deal breaker.

Go Nuts for Donuts

I love this little gem of a game. It’s small, family friendly and has one of my favourite mechanics: role selection. I’ve played it more than a few times. But when it comes to small box role selection, Campy Creatures is my go-to. My shelf ain’t big enough for the both of them. Deal breaker?


A game I’ve reviewed before. I still hold the same opinion. It’s a good game. However, my gaming circles have changed and I don’t know if I’d ever bring it out. Deal breaker – but this one’s on me.


This game is made by the people who made Space Team which is meant to be totes heckers fun. Which I was totes ready to have. And with Ravine I did to a degree. But the game is a bit too predetermined for my liking, as gameplay sees you draw cards and then watch some more as stuff happens. The interaction and thought needed are on the lighter side. Making it a great game for drunks. But not so good for a bunch of semi-serious nerds. Deal breaker.

Eldritch Horror

Take me back five years or so and this was my favourite game in my collection. It’s a fun globe trotting experience. Though it wasn’t without its flaws. For instance, I always had trouble getting into it’s stories as they were so disjointed. And the game wasn’t interesting enough from a strategic level.

Thankfully, this is all addressed in Arkham Horror 3e. Which replaces it. At least until Eldritch Horror 2e comes along. Not a deal breaker, this one will hurt to give away.

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

Another game that’s just been outdone. I think Magic Maze is the more interesting game. Maybe that all changes with Escape’s expansions, but I think that’s the siren of the sunken cost fallacy baying at my hull. Deal b-b-b-b-breaker.


This is an interesting one. Because I don’t have anything to replace it, and I don’t have anything else like it. But it’s one game I’ve never enjoyed, or rather never had the chance to enjoy.

Because there’s multiple levels to the game – the game itself, and then the logic puzzle. I found that I spent too much time making sure everyone else is getting it, as game owner, rather than focusing on my gameplay.

When I did get a chance to dig in though, it turns out I don’t like the way it clumps your thoughts in two separate parts. Otherwise I think it’s a fantastic piece of design, and I’m envious of those who enjoy it regularly. For me it’s a deal breaker.

Mountains of Madness

This game got lambasted on release, which I think is a fair cop. They made a massive mistake with the theming, and artwork. It’s incredibly serious – and looks amazing at that. But the game is silly fun. Making your expectations, and the reality of the game at ends with each other.

If you can get over that, there’s fun to be had. But it is still a numbers counting game – DEAL BREAKER!

It makes it so much worse when they’re stacked like this. Also, who the heck plays Eldritch with 8 players??!?!?

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. I have. It’s a great feeling to now look at my collection and know the ones I’m keeping are ones that I really enjoy.

Also, I was saving some of these for review, so I’m glad I can shed a bit of light on these games and why they’re gone, before they are.

Have you gotten rid of any games lately? If so, why?

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

7 thoughts on “Marie Kondo Destroys My Board Game Collection!

  1. Mostly I get rid of games after I’ve played them (or like with Muse for you I know they won’t get table time). I just feel it’s better to give them away so they get some use rather than have them there “just “in case”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s been a bit of a revelation for me lately. In that there’s a lot of games I’ve collected for the sake of collecting.

      Which games have you given away recently?


      1. Mice and Mystics for one. We played the campaign and loved it, but the thought of someone else playing it was fast more appealing than just having it on a shelf. Stuffed Fables too. Massive Darkness was another one. Just had stuff I thought was better. And then some extra copies of Siegestorm that came with their other KS games. I like the game, but I didn’t need 3 copies, so I found other fans to give them to. Feels good to clean some stuff out!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Those are some great games! I’m glad they found new homes.

          I’ve yet to get rid Mechs vs Minions though I’ve finished the campaign and it’s been sitting there for a while lol. My memories of it are too fond!

          Though having purged a lot recently. Something needs to be said about having nothing but games you want to play on your shelves. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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