Board Game News! – 05/02/2019

I’m having a love-hate relationship with Kickstarter right now. I love that for the most part it’s become a board game pre-order shop. I hate it, because there’s too many games that look amazing!

More on that later

Let’s first talk about the new game from Stonemaier Games. Who don’t make many board games, but when they do – you pay attention. Wingspan is a medium weight, card based, engine building game about birds.

Bird with it's wings outstretched. Can't tell you what kind of bird it is. But it's pretty.

Which sounds silly, but it looks gorgeous. And early reviews say that Stonemaier’s impeccable record is still intact. It’s a game to get excited about for sure.

Except I can’t.

I’m too busy getting excited about Fantasy Flight Games.

How many times have you seen Lord of the Rings? For me, at least five times. The whole trilogy.

And I’m tempted to do it again.

Therefore, FFG’s announcement of a fully co-operative, app driven board game based on this fantastic license is what I would expect to hear when I pass through the pearly gates.

It comes out second quarter. And my countdown clock has already started.

Elves, and dwarves, and orcs. Oh my! There's one orc with a face full of arrow. That must of hurt.

Portal Games has been flying under my radar. However, they recently put out a slew of announcements. The most interesting to me is a new edition of Pret-A-Porter, a game with the same weight of an elephant about the business of dressmaking.

Maybe Tim Gunn is my secret celebrity crush but this theme speaks to me in ways only the Elder Gods know.

Plan B had a big announcement too recently.

A female Two-Face stars in this fashion show. One side cool tones, and an elegant dress. The other hot shorts and a hotter leather jacket.

They’re releasing all their expansions for Century Spice Road as Golem editions.

OK, that’s not the announcement.

But I’m hanging out for it to happen. In the meantime they’re taunting us Golem Edition owners with the third and final expansion for the series. Century: A New World.

It looks great but I’m not buying a second version of the game. No matter how many spices you throw at me.

A huge freaking bear. I mean it is massive!

Kickstarter this week saw a lot of games we’ve talked about previously becoming full fledged campaigns.

With their warez on show, what are you spending your money on?

Yokohama Duel, a two player game of the highly reviewed Yokohama has brought with it the Deluxified original edition. Or an upgrade kit. So if you’re one to bling out your games. It might be worth a look.

Pandasaurus Games returns with Dead Man’s Cabal.

It’s more than a skeleton of a game, with lots of spacial awareness, and push and pull economics. It fills a niche not many other games fulfill.

Unfortunately, Pandasaurus Games are somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to design. However, you cannot fault how they theme their games. They make them so irresistible. This one is no exception.

I couldn’t call this a board game blog without mentioning Munchkin Dungeon.

While I dislike the card game, I can’t help but be awestruck over how it’s influenced the hobby.

This version seems to follow in the same vein claiming you can kill monsters by ‘skill, quality gear, or simply by sheer luck’.

That’s a no from me, dawg.

Don’t let that dissuade you from the silliness and mayhem that this box will ultimately unfurl on you and your unsuspecting friends.

A second edition of Champion of the Wild has landed.

A game that fits so snugly into Shut Up and Sit Down’s wheelhouse that it’s hard to pass up their praise.

Unless you’re me, and realize that these improv games don’t do so well with my friends. Seriously, my friends are the Michael Scotts of improv.

And yes they all have guns.

With four days to go Tsuro Phoenix rising is flying high.

And now that we’ve been able to see a bit more of it, I’m intrigued.

Its board allows you to seamlessly pick up, and rotate tiles without disturbing the rest of the board. Which could add mountains of strategy to an otherwise simple tile game.

What do you think?

Finally, I’ve left the best until last


A word that will never live up to that one time Captain Raymond Holt said it.

Anyway, this board game is back for its second tour of Kickstarter. Claimed to be the perfect blend of Ameritrash and Eurogame. It’s gained high praise from The Dice Tower, Rahdo Run’s Through, and practically every other board game reviewer that has got their hands on it.

With some stellar reviews, and hitting that type of game I am loving at the moment. It’s the only Kickstarter I’m considering.

It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve had a news post, so I’m glad you stuck with it until the end.

See you Space Cowboy next week!

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

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