Board Game News! – 04/12/2018

Does it always seem like you have too many board games and not enough time? Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. The last fortnight was jammed packed with interesting gaming goodness. So as the saying goes: abandon all wallets ye who enter here.

A large red exclamation was seen floating over IDW Games headquarters this week. Solid Snake has been spotted. A Metal Gear Solid board game is on the horizon. Or at least the largest cardboard standee you’ve ever seen. What we know so far is that it’s designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, who’s previously created Specter Ops, and the Century: Spice Road series. Both great games. My only hope for this one is that the box is large enough for cosplay.

If you thought that was the main headline of the week. You’d be wrong. On Monday, Direwolf announced a legacy game for Clank! A Deck-building Adventure Game . Once you get over their garish 1990’s website, you’ll find out that the title is: Clank! Legacy:Acquisitions Incorporated. And while it lets us all down with its lack of exclamation marks. I am still very excited!!!!

Two Clank cards have come alive! A warrior and wizard emerge from their cards.
Clank’s back. It never went anywhere. But it’s back.

Following the success of Sagrada, Flood Gate games has announced three expansions. Collectively called Sagrada: The Great Facades.  Each of these facades will bring different modules of gameplay. Which you can mix and match together. To me, this is a missed opportunity to call this one Sagrada: Mr Potato Head.

Do you like the trend of re-releasing games as two-player only? I hope you do, because Hisashi Hayashi is releasing Yokohama Duel. A two-player take on his modern classic Yokohama. It looks cool.

A cartoon version of Yokohama as seen from a manhole. Two builders look in.
This image is symmetrical. Mind Blown!

Oink Games has been busy playing a double header. Releasing both a new game called Tricks and the Phantom, and re-releasing Kobayakawa. Tricks and the Phantom seems to be a weird blend of trick taking and deduction. While Kobayakawa is just fun to say. Try it. It’s also a quick simple bluffing game that fits in your pocket. Or another pocket sized carriable you own.

Tsuro is quick. Easy to play. Works for most player counts. It’s also getting another game. While details are thin. Tsuro: Phoenix Rising has been announced and would pair nicely with Tenacious D’s album.

A phoenix bird chasing chinese lanterns.
Phoenix: the original party parrot.

On Kickstarter, there’s two weeks left on the Nemo’s War expansion. A solo game that submerges you like a submarine in an ocean of theme. It looks like an underwater Robinson Crusoe. Which is both good and bad. I’m on the fence. Why do I need a solo game? But then I see Ian O’Toole’s art, and question: why don’t I need a solo game?

Nemo, a sailor from Jules Verne's 1000 leagues under the sea, looks longingly into the distance.
What squid from yonder window breaks

Another game I’m on the fence about is Awkward Guests. It’s getting a huge rap from a lot of reviewers, including Tom Vassel. He put it in his top 30 games of all time. And that guy plays a lot of games. It’s a murder mystery deduction game that touts a new deck mechanism. Stringing together 70 of 243 cards like a ribbon winding through a forest. You will need to follow this ribbon in order to find the culprit. Before your friends do. Because what’s police work without ego?

Article Song of the Week

In lieu of an article. I’m sharing with you this song. It’s been on repeat in my brain for the last week. Don’t you hate that? Also, it has one of the most moving music videos I’ve watched in a long time.

You should watch.

David Norris

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