Fresh Meat for the Fourc Pit

Yes, the puns for this monthly post are running thin. However, the point remains – here’s four new board games to put on the credit card without telling your partner.

London: If you’ve been around this scene as long as I have there are a few names you can’t avoid: Uwe Rosenberg, Vlaada Chvatil, and Martin Wallace. I’m a big fan of the former two, but I’ve actually never played a Martin Wallace game. Which the more I think of it, the more bizarre the idea becomes. Then there’s Anton’s recommendation, his last one of Ethnos was a treat. I am very excited to add this one to my shopping cart list.


Dale of Merchants: This is an interesting game, I don’t know too much about. Just that every thread I read about Kickstarter successes, this game gets a mention. The theme is what pushes it over the edge for me, it’s the cute anthropomorphic characters. I’m also, after Jump Drive, in the mood for some more card games, to see what else designers have gotten up to.


Vault Wars: This is another one of those games whose theme is what interests me, I just really like what I call fun fantasy. This game is based on Storage Wars and it seems there’s a lot of bluffing involved from the person trying to sell whatever is in the vault. While not the craziest in terms of complexity, it could lead to a lot of laughs. It’s also designed by Jonathan Gilmour who’s designed: Dead of Winter, and Dinosaur Island.


Fuse: Cooperative games have and will always be a staple of my collection. As I’m not huge on dice games, this one is a risk. Not to mention it’s real time, and both of the real time games in my collection (Escape: The Curse of the Temple, and Mountains of Madness) I’m only lukewarm on. However, it’s a risk I’m wanting to take. I want this board game to be the one that changes my mind about all these mechanics.


Now it’s over to you. What games are you looking forward to? It seems we’re in a bit of a lull for big releases – unless we’re talking Kickstarter. Looking forward to Gen Con.

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

7 thoughts on “Fresh Meat for the Fourc Pit

  1. Dave, thanks for the shout-out! I think you’ll love London. If you might want to try a heavier Wallace game, Brass is amazing. I am eagerly waiting for my sequel of Brass: Birmingham to get here someday. The KS update they did is quite an upgrade on components and will, I think, make it even more fun to play. You can try it out on before you buy if you want to. It is also on iOS. The online version is bare bones in terms of graphics, but you can learn to play and interact with very experienced players – great learning opportunities!


    1. I was really close to jumping on that Kickstarter. Though decided against it, being new to Martin Wallace. Have you tried Via Nebula? I like the cartoony art style. I’ll grow up one day. 😉


  2. Laughed out loud at your comment “… to put on the credit card without telling your partner.”. I’ve never done that, nope, never!

    I’ve actually played Fuse. I’m not a fan of the Escape Games, but I did like Fuse okay. We needed some guidance to get the game running at our boardgame night. I believe none of us had played it before, and were trying to learn by the rulebook or someone had played once. Anyways, it was decent. It’s definitely stressful (kinda like the Escape games), and I kinda feel like I have enough stress without needing to play a game that induces more. I would play it again, but not one I will likely buy for home.

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    1. I think I like the idea of stressful games, more than the execution. With Escape, we never play enough to get to the more interactive traps, which is where I think the fun lies. But maybe that’s just me succumbing to the grass is green syndrome.

      I think I will give Fuse a go, though I’m not sure if I’m going to like it haha. No risk, no reward right?

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