March In Review

March saw most of my board game budget (and then some) go into Kickstarter. Backed titles include: Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, Werewords Deluxe, Space Park, Deadwood 1876, AuZtralia, and currently Fireball Island, and Dinosaur Island games. It seems crazy,  but in my defence a couple of these I just dropped a dollar on them, and the real meaty decision to back is deferred a couple a months. This should smooth over my budget in the coming months…. I hope.

Over the Shoulder

Before we go any further let’s take look back at what I reviewed last month, and pick a favourite. It was tough this month, as I enjoyed all of these games.

Board Game Haul

Spirit Island: There’s a lot of people losing their marbles over this game, and rightly so. It’s a 1-4 player coop that takes around 90-120 minutes to play. Though the decision space, and rewarding play make it incredibly engaging throughout. I’ve played it twice so far, with two of the eight characters included, and the diversity between how they play is fantastic. Really looking forward to playing more of this one.

Tash-Kalar: If Luke’s reading this, he knows full well why I bought this board game. When it came out I was really interested, I mean a Vlaada Chvatil two player abstract game? Count me in. However, Z-Man games overestimated the demand for the game, and priced paying customers out of the market. When I read Luke’s article, I did a quick look through online stores, and saw it for 30 dollarydoos, and I jumped on it like a swagman on a jumpback.

Village Pillage: This preview was given to me by Jellybean Games, I’ve already written my review about it. It’s a very fun game, and I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection. However, the Kickstarter got cancelled?!?! Not really sure why, but they’re going to start it up on 16th of April. Interested to see what they do with it.

Bargain Quest: You know those games that you fall in love with the art and theme before you play? That’s Bargain Quest for me, I love the art, and the theme is fun, unique and silly. It’s a 2-6 player role-playing-game shop keeper simulator. Going to play it tomorrow, and I can’t wait. I hope it lives up to expectations.


That’s all she wrote this month. How’d you go? Any new favourites?

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

6 thoughts on “March In Review

      1. Yeah, I was like that although it is probably to make the rules easier to learn. I have one expansion personally – Nethervoid, which adds demons. I haven’t played it yet, but will review it once I do 😀

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed my time with Spirit Island. Once you learn it, it’s still challenging and there is so much variety in the replayability. Just got the small new gods pack and need to test them out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! The key is to learn it. That rule book is helping no one, this was one of the few games I had to go to YouTube for. It’s actually pretty simple for a game of its complexity.

      What difficulty have you played it at? I’m at 0 haha.

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