My Board Game Collection

Last weekend Roll to Review hit a bit of a milestone – 50 subscribers! Thanks to you all for stopping by, and I hope you continue to enjoy the content provided. Anyway, to celebrate – and because I’ve been too busy with work all week to write a decent article – here’s my collection!

90% of my collection, plus some comics and a wedding album of my wife and I.
The cooperative shelf, of which Dead of Winter betrays by being semi-coop.
This is my mid-weight + hidden movement shelf.
The euro shelf ft. Paperback. Also inside that Arcadia Quest box is Saboteur 1 & 2. Surprise!
The ‘games that take a lifetime to setup’ shelf.
This shelf is the ‘competitive games that my wife will actually play’ shelf. To her credit she actually plays a lot more. Thanks wife!
Small box games, for larger player counts. The one with the bear is Monikers.
This is my small box games for smaller player counts, plus Arcane Academy and Photosynthesis. Two games that I have ready to play soon.
Small box games, ones that aren’t immediately visible: Hoax, Deep Sea Adventure, God’s Gambit, Cheaty Mages, Doughnut Drivethru, Kobayakawa, Okey Dokey.
Specifically two player games.
Still haven’t played Flick Em Up yet. 😦
If you look closely you can see the top of Pandemic Iberia at the back.

That’s it! What’s your favourite game in my collection? And if I don’t have your favourite let me know in the comments below.

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

13 thoughts on “My Board Game Collection

  1. Firstly, congratulations mate! Kudos on the milestone! Secondly, that is quite the awesome collection. It puts mine to shame!

    So many questions – but for now I’ll settle on one – what is Kemet like? It’s been on my list for a while but I know next to nothing about it.


    1. Firstly, thanks. 😛

      I’m a huge fan of Kemet. It’s fast pace, and full of action. The way combat is done comes down to using specific combat cards, plus how many troops you have on the field. Lot’s of different strategies – prime for a few good articles ;). Highly recommended!

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  2. I admit to being a Mignola fan myself. Love all of his work. Great collection. Twilight Struggle is top of the heap there, although Agricola is close behind. TS is well worth the time and effort. If you play on Steam or iOS you’ll get to know the cards. I am CaptTonio if you want to give it a go. Great strategy discussions on BGG and the twilightstrategy webpage. You like small box, but I didn’t see Tiny Epic Galaxies or Harbour! Ethnos is great. If you want a truly amazing head cracker, you need Lisboa. It is……spectacular.

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    1. If you haven’t read Mignola’s Batman, do yourself a favour, it’s great!

      I’ll definitely check out TS on steam. I just watched the trailer – looks like a great implementation. Might have to wait till next pay check though.

      I’ve read great things about both those small box titles, and might have to pick them up. I finally got to play Ethnos yesterday, and had a blast. It was amazing! I won by going for more Dwarf bands, I don’t think the others were fully aware of what was happening until it was too late. So on that, I’ll definitely have to check out your other recommendations. Although, I can’t seem to find any place that is stocking Lisboa in Australia at the moment. 😦


  3. Thanks Jo, I think saying it’s organized depends on if you’re asking my wife or not. 😛

    B.p.r.d is my favourite comic franchise with the vol 2 & 3 omnibuses being in my top 5 comics I’ve read. I’m following the Mignolaverse reading order: I’m up to BPRD: Hell on Earth, though I am missing some of the 2017 Lobster Johnson trades. >.>

    I need to play Twilight Struggle again, the only time I’ve played it I was too busy checking the rules to really enjoy it. Thinking I should get it and learn it on Steam before I give it another shot.

    Netrunner is/was great after the steep learning curve, but I had to stop collecting because my friend stopped coming around. Also I found myself never being happy with the cards I had, and always wanted newer cards. I’m in a similar place with Arkham Horror LCG, but after hearing all the fanfare. I feel like I should power on through.


    1. B.P.R.D is soo, soo good.

      I can highly recommend the Steam version of Twilight Struggle. Its great… I find the problem with the tabletop version is that if you forget to do one thing (like forgetting to move the defcon counter)… it can completely break your game. I also find it difficult to find opponents to play because it requires some serious time and mental commitment.

      Between Magic and Netrunner… I’m so over LCG. There’s a consumer psychology element to it that I’ve decided smacks of lawful evil tendencies designed to separate you from your money.

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      1. Oh yeah, Damian’s arc in BPRD. How I went from hating a character to feeling horrible for him. Has to be one of the greatest arcs in comic books. Also Roger. 😦

        Agreed on LCGs, however I think I make exceptions for the coop stuff, because it’s more like buying DLC – which my dumb brain seems to rationalize as ok.

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  4. Typical Dead of Winter up to its usual betraying ways. Probably my most played game, although picking a favourite is hard. Love Skull, Cosmic Encounter, Galaxy Trucker, Consulting Detective. So many of those games I either haven’t played or haven’t played enough. Your copy of Village, is it an expansion or a different version?

    And thank you for the board porn 🙂


    1. My copy of village is just the original TMG version. I haven’t got either expansion yet, but I’ve heard great things about both of them.

      If you love Skull, have you tried Welcome to the Dungeon? It’s Skull-ish, a bit more rules heavy, but the theme is super fun.

      Glad you liked it!


      1. Yes I have, although that’s one of the ones that hasn’t had much play time. Had the best time with the wizard, his crazy powers made the tipping point of the dungeon that’ll little bit less predictable, and made for some amazing moments.

        How’s the expansion (I spy wth my little eye)?


        1. Warrior and Wizard are my favourite. 🙂

          Welcome Back to the Dungeon is also really good, though it changes the game a lot. It becomes harder to guess the outcome, but also it allows players choice of when to use items in the dungeon, making it more interactive than the first.


  5. Congratulations on the milestone. That’s an impressive collection. And so organized!!! (that’s at least five honorary German points right there)

    I also noticed some Mike Mignola in there! Love B.P.R.D (such a great comic)

    If I had to choose a favorite from your collection it would likely be Twilight Struggle. (I tend to gravitate towards big epic strategy games)

    Although I also noticed a Netrunner box in there. I loved this game… before fantasy flight stuffed it up with their endless (commercial) drive to break their games.

    Also Kemet. Cool! Haven’t played that in a while.

    Great collection

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