Four more games getting me excited

It’s time for us to unshackle the burdens of yesterday and look forward to see what’s new in the world of board games. What are you excited about buying, or playing this month? What about me? How kind of you to ask. Here’s four games which have me positively frothing at the mouth.


AuZtralia – This game looks interesting to say the least. It’s a Martin Wallace special, meaning that there’s a lot of railway lines. However, this board game is more twisted than his usual creations, as it’s both a semi-cooperative, and has Cthulu and friends. Weirder still is that it’s based in Australia, so by default I need to pick it up. I recommend you check out Dave’s post on it over on Dude! Take Your Turn!.


Werewords Deluxe – The board game combination of 20 questions, and social deduction that I’ve been after since July last year. However, I made the mistake of ordering this with Millions of Dollars. Which would also make my list, if they ever decided to publish it again. With the new Kickstarter I’ve been able to cancel my preorder and pick up the deluxe version of Werewords. Swings and roundabouts right?


Spirit Island – Another cooperative – I have a serious addiction. This is an area control game whereby you’re trying to defend your islands from colonists. It’s meant to be a chunky game where you play as spirits and get more powerful the more you play. I also think it has a campaign. Never being one to turn down a cooperative game, I’m excited to get it on my table.


Bargain Quest – You and your friends play as item shop merchants trying to sell wares to passing adventures, trying to swindle them into buying the latest and greatest armour. An amazing theme, with even better artwork, and to top it all off it’s apparently a good game too! Sitting at 7.7 on BoardGameGeek and was talked about excitedly by the SUSD crew. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

That’s all for this week, short and sweet. Are their any games on the horizon that you’ve got your lookout glass on? Let me know, below!

David Norris

Lover of dogs, books, comics, movies, anime, television, video games and most importantly board games. My site is all about the latter, and my journey through the glorious hobby.

7 thoughts on “Four more games getting me excited

  1. Back up just a moment…My post is not a “review” of the AuZtralia, as I haven’t played it yet.

    But damn am I looking forward to it. A Study in Emerald is brilliant (2nd edition, anyway, haven’t played the 1st)

    Otherwise, a great selection of games! I notice you don’t credit me for pointing you towards Werewords Deluxe. 😛

    Spirit Island is fun, though I’ve only played it the one time. It’s a thinky co-op. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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